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Welcome to our family-run business, where the passion for handmade, eco-friendly footwear brings together a guy from Barcelona, Spain, and a girl from Pärnu, Estonia. Our shared dream is to provide you with exquisite avarcas, the traditional footwear of Menorca, Spain.

The inception of our venture traces back to a transformative moment...

In 2011, during a holiday on the enchanting island of Menorca, I stumbled upon a quaint store, a mere 6m2 in size, brimming with avarcas from floor to ceiling. Amidst the organized chaos of shoes, a local old lady graced me with a warm smile. While I had encountered avarcas before, this encounter sparked an unprecedented fascination. Spending an hour in the store, I grappled with the delightful dilemma of choosing the perfect model and color. Finally settling on a classic white pair, I left the store with my very first avarcas, sporting a contagious, happy smile—a memory etched in my mind.

From that moment onward, avarcas became a staple in my suitcase for every holiday—be it a spring-summer escapade in New York or a beach retreat under palm trees. These versatile shoes have never disappointed, accompanying me on leisurely strolls, extended walks, or quick jaunts to the beach. Nestled on my shoe shelf, they patiently await the warmth of our beloved Estonia, ready to hit the city streets and forest paths at a moment's notice.

After years of cherishing these remarkable shoes, the idea dawned on us: why not share the joy of avarcas with fellow Estonians? And so, our venture began. What could be more delightful than adorning your feet with stylish, eco-friendly, handmade shoes? Whether conquering city streets or strolling along beach promenades, we invite you to embrace these little shoe companions. May your walks be as comfortable and delightful as the countless ones I've experienced over the years.

 Happy walks!




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