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We are family-run business with united forces from a guy from Barcelona, Spain and a girl from Pärnu, Estonia. Our wish is to offer You all a handmade eco-friendly avarcas that are a traditional footwear of Menorca, Spain.

It all started when…

I was first visiting Menorca island back in 2011 for a holiday. While walking around in the city I stepped into a tiny store with a size of 6m2 max loaded with avarcas from the floor till the ceiling. In the middle of this shoe chaos was sitting a local old lady and welcomed me with a warm smile on her face. Sure I had heared and seen those shoes before but never before had they caught my attention that much as on that day. I spent in this store for an hour at least as was hard to decide which model or color I should choose from. I went for a classic white one. After doing a purchase, I stepped out from the store with my very first avarcas having a big happy smile on my face knowning that I have just purchased one of the coolest, the most comfortable shoes at all times. I still remember this day as it was yesterday.

Ever since then, those avarcas has found their way as the first thing to my suitcase whenever there is a holiday planned – whether it’s a spring-summer city trip to New York or a beach holiday under the palm trees – avarcas are always there and has never failed me whether there was a lots of walking done or just a short trips to the beach and back to hotel. And of course - my lovely avarcas are waiting me on the shoe shelve, ready to roll around the city streets and forest roads in a minute when weather in our lovely home country Estonia is warm enough.

After years of having and using them, idea came to our minds that why not to offer those awesomely comfortable stylish shoes to estonians to wear…yes why not…and here we are! What can be better than wearing a pair of stylish eco-friendly handmade shoes to conquer the city streets or beach allees during your holidays and stand out from the crowds. We hope that you welcome those little shoe fellows with open hands and will experience the same comfy walks as I have experienced over the years wearing them.

Happy walks!



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